Topics At Burns and Poe Pub

One special thing about men is that we are naturally social beings, especially when with our fellow buddies. We are in most cases, so interactive that we can even trade out all our secrets, to our other family (friends), for a bottle of beer. Burns and Poe Pub is the best place to share these riddles and ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ with our pals. This place is not just the local hangout joint at your place, where you simply drink and party. Burns and Poe is a one- off joint. Here, you not only get your drinks served to you in time, but also get to listen to some of the wildest jokes to sooth your ribs as you gulp down those tots.

Burns and Poe is a jokes hub, a psychic practicum and a marriage counseling center, all in wrapped up in one name, a pub. If you think that this is the place to go rid yourself off your marital stresses, then you are mistaken. The moment you settle on a table at this pub, your possible solutions start flowing in. Right from the unconscious crowds of people drinking in small groups, (usually three to five men); you get to hear some very relevant speeches about your issues, although they have absolutely no idea of your situations. For instance, at a corner somewhere in the pub, you might listen to some impish men speaking of how they fuck their wives till they pass out. Another set of strong-willed men, may be comparing notes about their coupledom right behind you.

The most sure thing is that you can never get bored while in this tavern. One of the most interesting topics at Burns and Poe Pub for men is the issue about being better in bed. Men seem to be the most indulgent in topics about sex and they can’t help it when someone is suggesting of how to become a better thespian in bed. For example, you may get some people giving tips on how to increase seminal fluid in order to cum more or even spot others debating on some wild sex positions for total satisfaction.

Burns and Poe is all about ‘Variety’. You as a customer gets to choose your drinks from a very wide range of thirst-quenchers, maybe even some that you have never heard of. The foods too are assorted. Ranging from indigenous diets to the crunchy sea foods, the selection is indubitably limitless. The fact that the Burns and Poe Pub hosts hundreds of people at any one time, adds up to the fact that even the topics that will be discussed in this saloon are of a wide range.

To avoid dampening the whole place, the Burns and Poe management prohibits smoking inside their premises. However, it ensures that smokers can enjoy their cherished smolders at an outdoor designated area. Hygiene at this pub is kept at optimal levels especially due to the fact that this is not only a drinking spot but also a ‘feeding point’. For the most entertaining moments and exclusive hostelry services, visit the Burns and Poe Pub and I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

Burns and Poe Pub

Most pubs currently are well stuffed with different types of drinks. Burns and Poe is the kind of pub where you get exactly what you ask for right away with no frustrations and letdowns. Ranging from expensive wines to conservative drinks. The choice is limitless, and of course depending on your status as well as your financial strength. Considering the huge crowds that flow in and out of Burns and Poe, this makes it the ideal place to pass time at. Once in a while you may get to hear some funny murmurs around the chatting cliques at the round table. Some too interesting to ignore. The dudes in particular who swarm into this place almost every day love talking about sex. Conversations about how to lick the pussy of a girl to make her orgasm occupy the larger part of these debates. Remarkably what makes Burns and Poe different from other restaurants is the delicious food they always prepare, which are also served to perfection. Fried catfish, desserts, corned beef as well as an exhaustible menu of different kinds of drinks and dishes are placed at the customer’s disposal. The fried catfish to be precise is a game changer. All foods at Burns and Poe are well spiced making them very tasty sometimes tastier than you could ever imagine.

Live performances made in the pub by different artists make the pub matchless. These bands have diverse instruments which they use to accompany live performances. The sweet sound and melodies makes the pub very attractive even to the outsiders. The restaurant has ample parking space which is secure enough and can accommodate as many vehicles as possible. Also included in the parking lot is a bike parking rack for bikes. This makes all sorts of people to be in the pub both the youths and old folks. Burns and Poe also has an outdoor sitting space, hence one can enjoy the cool air outside with his or her friends.

Smoking inside the premises is prohibited but the pub has an outdoor smoking area. Burns and Poe is a conducive place even for kids who want to enjoy the delicious foodstuff and drinks without being affected by the smokers. Ways of payment can be cash but the pub also accepts credit cards. The pub is well decorated with plenty of comfortable seats which are well arranged to allow easy movement of customer within the pub. Also, it has sufficient waiters and waitresses who are always ready to take your order. Waiters are accommodating to all customer and very responsive on matters that may affect their esteemed customers. Your order takes less than three minutes and is delivered as demanded. There are also huge screens on the walls to add some thrill at the pub.

Moreover, it is not a must for you to take your order within the pub’s premises. The pub offers take out services to their customers. The best nights to be in this pub are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when there is live performances by different artists within the country. Also, it is the best time to be due to great number of people who are in during these days. Those looking for dating partners or for casual relationships, Burns and Poe is the best place to meet different people due to the large crowd of people who go there. For those who love group entertainment or group drinking, the pub is spacious enough to accommodate them. The drinks and food are economical for all thus everyone can afford and enjoy themselves to the maximum. Burns and Poe is surely the place to be.

An Inspiring Story of a Burns & Poe Duo

The story of Burns & Poe started more than 25 years ago when a successful athlete Keith Burns changed his sports career for a rock guitar. Later he finds himself passionate about Waylon Jennings and country music. In 90’s he comes to Nashville, where starts a trio called Trick Pony that later becomes Grammy-nominated and wins American Music Award and an Academy of Country Music Award.

Michelle Poe was entirely opposite to Keith, being a timid and calm bookworm. At the age of 10 she joined the Poe family band. When choosing among musical instruments she picked a bass guitar – an instrument that has less strings but makes a strong volumetric sound. At 17 she moves to Nashville to attend Middle Tennessee State University. She participates in DreamWorks Nashville and plays with other touring bands like Hank Williams, Jr. and Dierks Bentley.

In 2007 Burns starts an auction to recruit a new woman lead singer for Trick Pony and Poe gives it a chance. Soon an artistic union of these two individuals resulted in a Burns & Poe duo. They quickly turned into a famous, branded, adrenaline-driven duo, performing incredible live shows.

In 2009 “Burns & Poe” sign a contract with Blue Steel Records. Later in 2010 they release their first single called “Don’t Get No Better Than That”. A few months later they released a full-length self-titled album through their website. A Christmas single “Hear the Angels Singing” followed the album in November of the same year. The album got a wide release in 2011 by Blue Steel Records and was promoted on an upcoming tour of the duo. Soon a Music Row magazine awarded them as an Independent Artist of the Year. Many journalists and critics acknowledge that “Burns & Poe” duo is a great creative union that strongly impacted the country and pop music on the whole. Every single track brings a certain feel that they really enjoyed working together.

There is no better place to visit for a sophisticated music fan than a “Burns & Poe” pub. It is a really great chance to feel the magic atmosphere created by the music of the duo. A rich history of their fabulous shows and performances can be felt in every detail of the pub. Enjoying a fresh cold beer could not be more relaxing and calming than in the “Burns & Poe” pub. Numerous posters on the walls saved the most interesting and rare moments that will tell you an amazing story of two talented people who paved their way to fame through a passionate and intuitive cooperation.

A Story About the Bookstore “Burns and Poe”

There’s a wonderful old bookstore called Burns and Poe facing my apartment building. Sometimes in the morning I sit by my window with a cup of coffee and my morning newspaper and watch the shop keeper prepare the store to open. He’s a tall old man with a neatly trimmed white beard and heavy glasses that often slip down the bridge of his nose. He usually wears the same pants – well worn beige corduroys – and a pressed button down shirt.
I went down to visit him, finally, one cool summer morning. He’d been open for at least an hour but there weren’t any customers inside the store. He stared up at me over the frames of his glasses when I entered, a little brass bell signalling the opening of the door. He didn’t look like he was going to say anything, but then gave a dry little cough as I got closer to the counter where he sat and said: “Good morning.”
“Good morning!” I said cheerily. It was nice to be outside of my apartment, and this man in his empty store seemed so unassuming. Usually talking to strangers intimidated me but I felt comfortable here.
Burns and Poe was obviously named after the authors, Robert Burns and Edgar Allen Poe. I’d read both of them before and preferred Poe for his darkness. The shop was anything but dark – the aisles were well lit, with sofa chairs dotted here and there in between shelves, which were themselves stuffed full with bright volumes of every category of book imaginable.
The tallest shelves had big pots of flowering shrubs spilling vines on top. From a back corner emerged a white cat, her coat a little dusty but her eyes shining. She made right for me, twining once around my ankles then plopping on her butt in front of my feet, her chin perked up expectantly. I bent and scratched her head obligingly. She purred.
I ended up staying in the shop all day and got to talking with Mason, the owner. He’d been in the book business for 30 years and had just retired from a fairly well paying corporate position with one of the big chain bookstore. Opening his own store had always been a dream.
“Normally it’s a bit busier than this,” he told me. Actually there had been people streaming in and out all day, easing my fears that this was just another independent local shop that would soon be out of business. “I make do”.
Mason had made a tea in the afternoon and brought me a cup without me even asking. I sat in one of the comfortable sofas until just before 5, when I knew he would start closing. Then I bought the book I had been reading, and about a dozen others, and asked him if he ever needed any part time help, just for dusting and tidying the shelves. Maybe even one day a week.
“You know, I really don’t.” Mason was honest. “But I could sure use the company. Why don’t you come by on Mondays and we’ll go from there?”
So now on Mondays, instead of watching the shopkeeper open his shop, I’m downstairs doing it for him. You should come and visit Burns and Poe, pet Lila the cat and just enjoy a nice day reading books.